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We can’t advance our technical practices while companies, entities, and individuals pirate (crack) software technologies for their projects. 

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We are an award-winning professional skills consulting firm. We work with companies in the Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Manufacturing sectors to train their technical employees on the world’s most advanced technical studies and design technologies.

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In today’s modern economy, technology is what drives company success. We train your employees to digitalize every project delivery process, saving you money and time while increasing productivity.

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We are accredited by the world's biggest brands in this industry.



Buy the licenses and get certified by Autodesk in HVAC design with AutoCAD MEP, product design with Fusion360, Roads design with Civil 3D & Infraworks, architectural design with Revit, and so on



Every technology you need from Bentley Systems for high-performance in Geotechnical Engineering, Hydraulics and Hydrology, Mine Design,  Utilities & Com Networks, and many more.



Get certified by Turkish fastest structural BIM solution for structural engineers to model, analyze and design buildings accurately in structural engineering with Protastructure



Get the licenses to use south Korean MIDAS, for GTS NX in geotechnical engineering, Midas Civil for bridge engineering, Midas nGen for Building engineering and so on. The professional training are available.


CSI America

Computers and Structures, Inc. (CSI) is recognized globally as the pioneering leader in software tools for structural and earthquake engineering. We directly resell from the headquarter in Rwanda, Get software like ETABS, CSI Bridge, SAP2000, and so on.



A fully-featured desktop modeler designed to create anything your imagination can conjure up. SketchUp is called friendly and forgiving 3D modeling software for a reason. Buy SketchUp Go, SketchUp Pro, and SketchUp Studio with us today 



Buy software like MS Project, MS Office, Teams, and so on from Microsoft. Software like MS Project helps engineers or other planners develop project planning and schedules.



Get certified by Planswift, an American software that helps QS and cost estimation professionals leave papers, pens, and calculators aside. Join the course of BOQ Preparation with Planswift.

Original software licenses

We do not support or train on pirated (cracked) software licenses; instead, we provide you with original software licenses during the training period for free.

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We are a one-of-a-kind professional training center that is developing skills in CAD, CAM, CAE, and BIM technologies using cutting-edge strategies to eliminate tech-skilled labor imports in developing countries.

Formulated with high-level standards to prepare the current and future generations of the engineering and design industry for the next challenging projects.

We are internationally accredited, which positions our trained professionals ahead of the competition.

Our approach to upskilling university graduates and experienced professionals has been shown to end Africa’s shortage of home-based experts to handle projects requiring advanced technical skills.

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Whether you are a master or a novice, your abilities must be demonstrated. No matter what level you are, you will always be asked who trained you. or who validated you? After that, you will be asked which certificate you have.

Prove to potential clients, employers, or your boss that you are capable of the job. Join our accredited training programs to obtain an internationally recognized certificate issued by the world’s leading brands.


Civil & Infrastructure

Roads and Highway Design
Building Engineering 
Bridge Engineering
Geotechnical Engineering 
Design of Steel Structures
Mine Design and Planning 
Drone Surveying & Mapping 

BIM & Project Management

Project Planning & Scheduling 
BoQ Preparation 
BIM Workflow 
Construction 4D Planning 
BIM Document Management 
Contract Management (FIDIC)
Flood Management 
Sewer Management 

Energy & Mechanical

Mechanical (HVAC) Design
Water Distribution
Product Design & Manufacturing
Electrical Design for Buildings 
Design of Overhead Powerlines 
Electric Power Generation 
Plumbing & Drainage Systems 

Building Architecture

Architectural Design
3D Visualization and Rendering 
Arch. Graphics Presentation 
Technical 2D Drawing 

Delivering the most challenging projects

Our vision of creating technical studies experts in the local market capable of handling highly budgeted and most challenging projects using the power of international market-leading technologies compelled the formation of a private consulting firm, Nziza Study Professionals (NSP) ltd.

NSP brings together the expertise of certified experts and trained professionals, making it the only company in Rwanda with unrivaled experience in all engineering and design fields. We handle mega tenders that were previously known to be awarded to foreign companies due to a lack of local companies with the necessary potential.

Nziza Training Academy In Action

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Hands-on seminar for structural, road, and bridge engineers from design and implementation companies on bridge design using Midas Civil software.

There is a scarcity of skilled engineers with the ability to study hefty structures such as bridges. As a result, Nziza Training Academy has imported South Korean MIDAS bridge experts to train local and regional engineers in bridge engineering to the highest level of competency in delivering bridge structural studies.

It has been organized solely to improve the skills of engineers. Using Midas Civil, the world’s most powerful bridge engineering software technology.

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The graduates included quantity surveyors, architects, bridge engineers, construction managers, and structural engineers who received certification in various construction proj…

South Korean MIDAS experts to train local engineers on design of bridge structures

With Nziza Training Academy, MIDAS is set to send its experts to Rwanda to provide special training to local civil, structural, roads, and bridge engineers on the design of bridge structu…

Quantity surveyors in Rwanda conclude two-day special training on ‘Planswift’

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“Nziza Training Academy trains critical skills required in the labor market. We want to thank you for your contribution toward social economic transformation for our people and our nation.”


Chief Technical Advisor

Rwanda – Ministry of Education

Nziza Training Academy is a leading AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) learning center in Africa


Planswift Expert

Asia, the Middle East, and Africa

“Nziza Training Academy demonstrates that learning is a gradual process. Any person who loves or practices learning is always updated and knowledge doesn’t expire.”

Eng. KAZAWADI Papius


Federation of African Engineering Organizations

“We recommend the ambition of Nziza Training Academy of providing quality education and training with individual care. This vision of upskilling engineers and architects is assuring us the closure of the skill gap within AEC sectors.”


Chief Skills Office

Rwanda Development Board