Released on July 01, 2021

1. Opening

Nziza Training Academy, the only authorized software technology training, certification, and licensing center in Rwanda, operates under accreditation from the industry’s leading brands, including Autodesk, Bentley Systems, Protasoftware, Midas, and others. Our mission is to
establish unparalleled standards of quality training, offering personalized care throughout our comprehensive yet straightforward training curriculum. Recognizing the importance of preserving the value of both time and financial investment made by our professional trainees, we have prioritized the maintenance of the integrity of the certificates we provide to our graduates. It is in line with our dedication to upholding industry
relevance and ensuring the ongoing currency of skills cultivated through our programs, we have
enacted a Certification Policy (CP).

2. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to outline the guidelines and procedures for the certifications issued by Nziza Training Academy. By implementing a certification policy, we aim to promote continuous learning, skill enhancement, and professional development among our certified individuals. This is influenced by the fact that our training programs are technology-based, and technology is continually evolving. It is authoritative for our trainees to cultivate a culture of continuous learning to keep pace with international market trends and remain competitive after completing our training.

3. Certification Expiry

All certifications issued by Nziza Training Academy will have an expiry duration of two (2) years from the date of issuance. This means that individuals who have obtained a certificate through our training programs will be required to renew their certification within the specified timeframe to maintain its validity. However, this duration does not apply to certificates issued by Autodesk. Autodesk certificates will not have an expiry date but will indicate the exact version/year of the software trained.

4.Renewal Requirements

To renew their certification, individuals must fulfill the following requirements:

4.1: Continuing Training

Certified individuals must provide evidence of continued training related to the program for which they are renewing their certificate. This can be achieved through participation in webinars, seminars, workshops, or other learning events that focus on the latest practices in the global software industry.

4.2: Professional Practices

Certified individuals must demonstrate continued practice within the industry using the software for which they are certified. This can be evidenced by tangible experiences and projects completed during the validity period of the previous certificate. The technical team at Nziza Training Academy will evaluate the authenticity of these experiences.

4.3: Submission of Renewal Application

Individuals may submit a renewal application to Nziza Training Academy at any time. The application must include evidence of the abovementioned requirements and any other necessary documentation.

4.4: Pre-Payment of Renewal Fee:

A renewal fee will be applicable for the renewal of certification, as outlined in the following structure:

S/N Category Renewal Fee
Our graduate who fulfill all requirements with Nziza Training Academy (our employee – full time or part-time)
Our graduate who fulfill all requirements with Nziza Training Academy (our employee – full time or part-time)
100 USD
Our graduate who fulfill requirement of 4.1 and 4.2 with other company.
150 USD
Our graduate who fulfill requirement of 4.1 with Nziza Training Academy and 4.2 with other company we trained.
50 USD
Any other person who fulfill requirement of 4.1 with Nziza Training Academy and 4.2 with other company we trained.
500 USD
Any person who didn’t take our training but needs to be certified by Nziza Training Academy (Separate Terms And Conditions Apply)
1,000 USD

5.Review and Verification

The review and verification process for certification renewal will involve the following steps:

a.Receipt of all Required Documents:

Nziza Training Academy will receive all necessary documents submitted either as hard copies or soft copies via email to the technical department responsible for the relevant training program.

b.Review and Verification Process:

The assigned personnel will review the renewal application and provide feedback within a maximum of 5 working days. b. 1: Types of Feedback:

    1. Approved: The application is approved, and the applicant will receive a certificate valid for an additional 1 year.
    2. Rejected: The application is rejected, and the applicant will receive feedback on necessary corrections. In this case, the review period may be extended, not exceeding 30 days. In some cases, the applicant may be required to retake training, Start a project under our supervision, or face a complete denial. When a renewal request is denied, the applicant is refunded 70 percent of the renewal fee paid.

6.Appeals Process

In the event that a certified individual’s renewal application is denied, they have the opportunity to appeal the decision by contacting the company’s management office.