Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ page, where we provide answers to common queries about our pioneering approach to global excellence in technical design and studies. Explore the questions below to gain insights into our commitment to fostering AEC skill development and making a positive impact worldwide. If you don’t find the information you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to us directly.

Every course has its registration criteria, open your desired course details and download a course brochure to read more about who is allowed to attend a certain course.

Yes, you can. Every course has its unique learning time table, which allows anyone who needs to join more than one course.

Yes, we do. Contact our customer service for more information.

Yes! Except for having original software free of charge during the training, our best performers are hired right after or in the middle of the training. We can engage you in the team of our consulting firm, and so on.

Our courses are 100% practical, led by industry-experienced professionals that train what they have been doing for several years.

As we are destined to upskill professionals, we already know our target customers are busy. That is why, we are flexible enough. Once you get a reason to stop in the middle of training, we request you to officially inform us that you need to suspend the training and resume later. That is applicable for only one intake.

That is possible, we call it customized training package. You will be allowed to have our instructor at your place, edit our training curriculum according to your needs, and you will draft a learning schedule according to your availability (three months maximum). However, the price of the course will become 4 times per one person, and you must be at least 5 to be able to request a customized training package.

No, we do not. The category of people we train does not need exams. We only test their competency by giving them the project study to deliver and present it to external verification board; once you do not achieve over 80 per cent, we do not certify you.


It is a board of three or five local industry experts; we call from outside of our institution to verify your final projects.

We use a uniquely demonstrated training structure as a skills development center. Our courses have three phases that are indoor training phase, project delivery phase and expert seminar phase. However, in our updated learning structure to start by December 2021 some courses do not have expert seminar phase. You will need to check your desired course brochure for that. The brochure is available in every course details!

We decide its span according to length of the training curriculum of a certain course. Our longest courses take 108 hours of indoor training phase that must be scheduled within 3 months or less.

There is also a project delivery phase. During this phase, you only come to our office once in a week to present the progress to your supervisor until completion.

Expert seminar phase varies depending on what we need an expert to deliver but it use to be between 4 days and 10 days full time.

We confirm a trainee to have completed our training once they have successfully delivered a project study and achieved at least 80 per cent from external board’s verification, plus to have attended all sessions of expert seminar if any.

In our updated learning structure to start by December 2021, every course will be starting after having 20 enrolls. Visit our homepage and scroll in the middle of the page to check the real-time enrolls of your desired course.

In our updated learning structure to start by December 2021, there will not be a specific number of intakes for a course. The intakes per course will be decided by the number of enrolls. The more enrolls the more intakes.

In our updated learning structure to start by December 2021, there is no specific time to register. Any interested trainee is advised to visit our website and fill the form found by clicking <show interest> on the details page of a course. This will increase the number of enrolls, which will help us have your contact details to communicate you when your desired course will start, so that you can do the registration.

Every course price is found in course details. The price must be fully paid before the starting date of a training.

No, it is not possible.

No, but it can be possible only when you explained it to and approved by our accountant.

No, registration is completely free but we will confirm your registration after submission of training fee payment receipt.

No, we do not refund in any way. 

We provide professional certificates that are approved by the software we train.

We only certify you after graduation. It happens once a year after expert seminar.

Yes, our certificates are valid for only 2 years.

The certificates we provide are approved by the worlds headquarter of the software we train. It means Autodesk, Protasoftware and so on that gives our certificate value anywhere in the world.

When a train neither deliver their final project nor attended expert seminar as scheduled.

Yes, you can. You will only have to present to us your tangible experience in delivering projects using the design software you want to attend in expert seminar. Moreover, we apply additional payment.

We only have one graduation per year that happens right after closing expert seminar.

Yes, any software we train, we give it to our trainees free of charge within period of the training.

Yes, because the free software we provide are only used within training period. After the training, trainees are advised to buy the one to use in their jobs.

Yes, we are authorized reseller of the software we train; we resell to people or companies that did not attend our training too.

Yes, we negotiate a discount for local buyers but it is automatic to our graduate to get a discount.

Yes, we sometimes offer scholarships for some courses but it is not constant. If you need our scholarship, it will require you to follow our social Medias to be updated once we release any scholarship offer.

We only do recommend our best performers to different employers. However, giving jobs is not among our responsibilities.