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Companies We Licensed in Rwanda

These companies have decided to go orginal, they have chosen right products for their projects and we are happy to be their main licensing supplier.

Adopt world's fastest and powerful software for civil engineers

All-in-one Automated Structural BIM Solution

This is a structural analysis and design software that step forward with its innovative BIM software (Building Information Modeling) for structural engineers to model, analyze and design buildings quickly and accurately.

ProtaSteel is the all-in-one steel detailing and steel connection design software solution for engineers, fabricators and drafting professionals to perform automated steel connection design and produce high quality steel detail drawings.

ProtaDetails is a revolutionary structural drawing software and structural detailing software for automatically creating and organizing all your structural concrete detail drawings only with a single click.

ProtaBIM reinforces Prota Software’s standing as a leading provider of advanced BIM technology with new bi-directional links with the latest versions of Revit, IFC, DXF, SAF and other recognized BIM and Analysis formats.

Is Prota an all-in-one structural BIM solution?

“Yes, it is! The four parts of the Prota Enterprise Suite listed above come to you as one set. This gives you the ability to start modeling from Protastructure, connect to Protasteel if the building is made of steel, and after analysis, connect to Protadetails. Protadetails functions similarly to AutoCAD but detects designs and analysis made in Protastructure or Protasteel. This enables the generation of construction detailed drawings automatically without hassle and gives you a room to make some edits in the auto-generated construction details if needed. Additionally, if you are working in BIM environment, you are can connect with Architects’ work or other structural engineers using other software like ETABS, Revit, etc using ProtaBIM”


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