Awarded among top 5 Autodesk Training Centers in the World.

Our courses have been meticulously chosen to meet industry standards and demands. They are designed to combine cutting-edge training patterns and facilities, which differentiate our strategy. Our training sessions are delivered by top industry professionals through custom-tailored guides, group discussions, field trips, exercises, case studies, and sample projects. 

Since 2018, through the provision of project-based training programs, Nziza Training Academy aims to bridge the gap between academic institutions and industry, classroom knowledge and practical skill, qualifications and qualities.

We intend to upskill and forge the next generation of technical studies experts by advancing the use of cutting-edge CAD, CAM, CAE, GIS, and BIM technologies in companies, government entities, and Organizations.

In today’s landscape, technology pervades nearly every sector, necessitating proficiency in the latest innovations. While contemporary technical education offers a solid foundation, mastery of essential tools like CAD, CAM, CAE, GIS, and BIM is indispensable for graduates aiming to excel in their respective industries. This expertise is precisely what we offer to equip you for success in the workforce.

Our Vision

Pioneering global excellence in the training of technical design and studies.

We aim to share practical skills that illuminates the intricacies of our diverse world, spanning architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing software technologies. We believe that by addressing the skill gaps available in developing countries, we are solving complex challenges and foster AEC skill development on a global scale.

Forging the current and next generation of technical studies experts

We’ve carefully crafted training materials tailored to turn you into a prime candidate within your industry, empowering you to unleash your full potential and expertise within your current job.


Our Office Team

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Business Dev. Manager

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Chief Technical Officer

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IT Systems Engineer

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PayOps and Tax Officer


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Digital Content Officer

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Multimedia Specialist