Architectural design with Revit

Learn the needed skills of architectural design and documentation using Revit Architecture provided by Autodesk authorized training center and academic partner in Rwanda. This course moves you on the first steps in your learning journey, teaching you the skills you need to start designing buildings in Revit with accurateness and exactness. Project success also depends on solid documentation and communication with project teams and you will discover these best-practice workflows to use in Revit.

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IHIRWE Pacifique
Associate Trainer/ Architecture Department
Gregory OGAH Anthony
Trainer / Architecture Department



Take your skills of creating and managing models in Revit to the next level. Building Information Modeling (BIM) has become the industry standard for architectural design due to its ability to integrate data throughout the full project lifecycle. Follow a series of structured lessons, with accompanying datasets that give you hands-on experience using tools that are key to your professional development. Practice your new skills and test your knowledge with the exercises, challenge assignments, and a final test that accompany the course.

Turn your skills into actionable results by learning the critical skills required for both modeling and documentation workflows.

What you will learn:

  • Create multi-story, u-shaped stairs, add railings, and edit railing paths.
  • Create topography and site modeling.
  • Create mass families, edit masses, and develop the model-using model by face tools.
  • Develop an area scheme, area plans, and area boundaries.
  • Work with room bounding objects, room data, schedules, and color schemes.
  • Create and assign materials to objects.
  • Use generative design features
  • Create and manage views, including browser organization, filters, and view templates.
  • Manage complex projects with linked models and DWGs, shared coordinates, and PDFs and images.
  • Manage refurbishment projects through phasing, and work with design options to efficiently create
  • Use work sharing and work sets to collaborate.
  • Manage Revit warnings and run interference checking with linked models.

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Course price: 800,000 RWF