Niyokwizerwa Samuel

Digital Construction Costing with Planswift


Niyokwizerwa Samuel is a registered quantity surveyor with a master’s degree in Real Estate and Construction Management. He has set his sights on an international career trajectory, earning accolades from multinational corporations.

His journey began as a vital member of the contract management team at the renowned UK-based PM Company, “Turner and Townsend,” on the BUGESERA International Airport project. Here, Samuel excelled in the role of Claims and Variations Documents Controller, showcasing his proficiency in meticulous project documentation. Recognizing his outstanding contributions, Turner and Townsend swiftly promoted him to the position of cost manager, where he further honed his skills for five months. Seeking new horizons, Samuel transitioned to RA International, a prominent UK firm, taking on the role of quantity surveyor at their offices in Somalia. In this capacity, he assumes a multifaceted role, overseeing digital Quantity Take-offs, Tender Management, Project Planning and Scheduling, Cost Management, Tender Control, Building Information Modeling (BIM), Subcontracts Management, Construction Cost Control, and Project Management for three African countries, with his base in Mogadishu. Samuel’s diverse responsibilities underscore his comprehensive expertise, extending beyond traditional quantity surveying roles. His role in digital quantity take-offs and proficiency in project management tools like PLANSWIFT, MS Project, and BIM highlights his commitment to cutting-edge practices in the construction industry. His career trajectory reflects not only his individual success but also his significant contributions to high-profile projects and his commitment to advancing the field in diverse international contexts.