NGENZI J. F. Regis

Industrial Design and Manufacturing with Fusion 360 | Inventor | Solidworkds


NGENZI J. F. Regis holds a Masters’ Degree of mechanical engineering from Arts et Métiers, the Grande Ecole of Technology in Paris/ France. He is a professional mechanical/industrial engineer with European and African exposure in design and implementation of systems engineering, CAD, CAM and CAE. Having worked in various sectors in Rwanda and abroad, NGENZI is highly skilled with practical experience in design and manufacturing since 2004. He owns 5 years of experience in French mechanical engineering market, 3 years as CAD lecturer at the University of Rwanda, 4 years as an Engineering Services Program Manager at Ngali Holdings. A year as Director of Industrial Operations & Engineering at Phoenix Metal, two years as Director of Operations at Ngali Mining, a year as Plant Manager at LuNa Smelter Ltd, and now it’s been 3 years working as Director of Technical Services at Locus Dynamics. Except for being SolidWorks expert, NGENZI is also our Autodesk approved instructor with first-hand training on Inventor, InventorCAM, Nastran and Fusion 360.