Munguakonkwa Taka Hubert

Building Electrical Design With AutoCAD


Munguakonkwa Taka Hubert is a Congolese electrical engineer who holds a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and a master’s degree in science and renewable energy. 

With over seven (7) years of experience in electrical systems design, he is currently working as an electrical engineer for MASS Design Group, an American mega company specializing in Design Services across the world based in Boston, United States. Hubert’s work at MASS is based in different countries of Africa. Among the famous projects he worked on are the integrated health green center in Togo, the Rwanda Institute of Conservation Agriculture in Rwanda, and the new Luanda military hospital in Angola. He is currently an Autodesk-certified professional and an approved instructor for AutoCAD and Revit MEP. 

His current and daily assignments include the design of electrical drawings for buildings, cable size calculations, scheduling, route selection, implementations, and monitoring of all electrical related works at the site, the design of electrical systems, resolving electrical issues, the design for illumination of different areas, lux calculations, and so on..