Construction Scheduling with MS Project


KAMANZI Eric is a distinguished professional holding certifications as a Project Management Professional (PMP) and a registered civil engineer. 

With a wealth of experience exceeding a douzen years, he has navigated diverse roles within construction and consultancy companies, as well as National and International NGOs. 

His journey in the industry began in low-level positions, steadily progressing from a foreman to a site engineer, ultimately attaining high-level project managerial positions. As a PMP holder, KAMANZI brings a comprehensive skill set and extensive experience in project management, covering the entire project life cycle from initiation to closing phase. Proficient in project management software such as MS Project, he seamlessly integrates these tools into his daily management duties, emphasizing their significance in the courses he delivers at our training center. 

His professional trajectory includes collaboration with various entities, ranging from construction companies to National and International NGOs, including prominent names such as UN Agencies, PORTEK International, World Bank, Enabel, and Expertise France. 

In these roles, he has excelled as an Occupational Health, Environmental and Social Safeguard expert, Construction Project Manager, showcasing his adaptability and proficiency in addressing diverse challenges within the construction and project management domains.