Ihirwe Pacifique


Architectural Design with Revit | AutoCAD

Ihirwe Pacifique is the only Rwandan certified as Revit Architecture Instructor – Silver Rank issued by Autodesk. He is a dedicated construction professional with years of experience managing some of Rwanda\’s and Africa\’s largest building projects, offering a unique blend of technical expertise and instructional acumen. 

Among the projects he handled include: Sports Genic International Pitch as an associate architect, Rwanda Institute of Conservation Agriculture (RICA) Phase-4 Design Development. 

King Faisal Hospital Remodeling, design of BUTARO University Hospital Remodeling under Partners In Health, Rwanda International Trading & Exhibition Park by Private Sector Federation in Kigali, Conakry – KEZZA estates, and many more. 

As an Autodesk-certified instructor through Nziza Global, he has consistently delivered innovative architectural designs and imparted knowledge based on a solid educational foundation and hands-on experience in the field. His diverse skillset and dedication to excellence make him an asset in both construction and architectural design.