Hagenimana Abdul Aziz

Building Design with ArchiCAD | AutoCAD

Hagenimana Abdul Aziz is a multi-faceted creative architect who holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture with a background cutting across architecture, interior design and graphic presentation. 

He has been working on different projects as an architect in local and international organizations including Canadian KGM Engineering Corporation. He is currently leading the design and execution of KUWAIT’s DirectAid’s construction projects as a technical director. 

He has a mastery of architectural design software, as he is an Autodesk approved instructor of AutoCAD. Having worked as an AutoCAD lecturer at Peace Integrated Polytechnic of Rwanda, he is also results-focused professional driven to provide first-rate architectural details to meet all team needs and maintain project milestones. 

He owns demonstrated success in drafting, administration and construction technical supervision. Aziz has attended different industrious trainings to sharpen his competency; among those are certified training on architectural parametric design with ArchiCAD provided by Archystore Africa.