Gregory Ogah Ogbole Anthony

Gregory Ogah Ogbole Anthony is a senior expert in the field of architecture, equipped with a master\’s degree and an impressive 31 years of industry experience. His commitment to the pursuit of knowledge and excellence is underscored by his certification as a higher learning lecturer, a title he has held since 2012. 

His illustrious career has spanned across multiple African nations, including Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, and Uganda, where he has consistently delivered outstanding performance and achieved remarkable results. Now, he has set his sights on sharing his wealth of experience and knowledge in the vibrant architecture scene of Rwanda. Anthony embarked on his journey in 1992 as a project architect at Ella & Waziri Associates, a reputable 54-year-old architecture firm rooted in Nigeria. 

He served as the senior architect for the prestigious Prince and Princess Estate project in Abuja, Nigeria, from 2001 to 2003. His dedication to education and mentorship led him to a 4-year tenure as a lecturer at the School of Architecture at Ugandan Martyrs University. 

Later, he assumed a pivotal role as the Director of Quality Assurance and Monitoring at Kampala International University for five years. Gregory serves as the head of consultancy for an impressive portfolio of more than 290 estate houses in Gahanga, Kigali City – Rwanda, which is the 6th Estate project to deliver in Africa. Since March 2021, he has been at the helm of architecture department at Nziza, At our local office in Rwanda where he oversees the departmental development and training quality.