Gorki Charite

(RC) Building Engineering with Protastructure | Revit Structure

Gorki Charite is a detail-oriented civil designer & analyst that has experience working with a wide variety of building and special structures. Adept at doing an accurate stress analysis on a structure, planning strong building and assisting in long-term structural stability. With both architectural and structural software practical skills and advanced level training backed by certifications, Gorki has oriented his career in technology-led engineering and architectural practices. That makes him the second Autodesk approved instructor for Revit structure in Rwanda. Moreover Gorki is also approved by Autodesk as AutoCAD technical trainer, that means any training activity headed by him, the trainees recieve the certificates issued by Autodesk. Additionally, He has been professionally trained and certified on the use of world’s leading engineering software like AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, Protastructure and Midas Civil in the practices of architecture and structural engineering of different types of scenarios in the construction industry. .