Bayisenge Jean Pierre

(RC & Steel) Building Engineering with Protastructure

Bayisenge Jean Pierre is a registered civil engineer who holds a master’s degree in structural engineering. He is a certified by Protasoftware as Protastructure professional, a Turkish structural and earthquake engineering software that provides the most robust analysis, design, and detailing tools for the construction industry professionals and push the level of automation without compromising the transparency. He gained professional expertise from different companies, as he is currently in charge of Para-seismic houses construction and wall load bearing structure system with simulation to Frame bearing Capacity structure construction system at Swiss consulting firm/ SKAT where he works as a structural design and supervision engineer since 2015 across all projects in Rwanda, Burundi and DRC. Jean Pierre also works as a structural engineer and trainer expert of wall Load Bearing structure system with simulation to Frame bearing Capacity structure-construction system to Rwandan construction professionals as a new technology in the country.