Graduation ceremony 2019

71 trained professionals in the areas of architectural design and structural engineering are graduating on Friday, January 24, 2020. This year, we have grown more than 5.9 times compare to the last year of 2018.


January 24, 2020 – 9:00 am


January 24, 2020 – 1:00 pm


Hilltop Hotel, Remera – Kigali city

We are pleased to announce the second graduation ceremony for our trained engineers and architects of the year 2019 in our both HUYE and KIGALI training branches. The ceremony will have different interesting sessions including public demonstration of Protasoftware (a Turkish structural and earthquake engineering software that provides the most robust analysis, design, and detailing tools for the construction industry professionals and push the level of automation without compromising the transparency) to Rwanda’s civil engineers to be done live by a Turkish Protasoftware team. There will also be a launch construction project management as our new training course to be done by Eng. MAHA Yassin a newly appointed head trainer who is prince2 certified project manager and registered engineer.

Architect MUGWANEZA Yves who is graduating from the architectural design program at our training branch of HUYE will deliver a speech as the representative of all graduating trainees.

We will have Mr. NZABANITA Viateur, the head of a department in chief skills office of Rwanda development board as a keynote speaker, and Dr. RUBERWA Alex, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Rwanda Polytechnic as a guest speaker.