Planswift expert seminar for quantity surveyors

We are hosting a Planswift expert in all countries across the Middle East; Asia & Africa LIVE in Kigali. As our skills development system is structured, after the period of indoor training, our trainees start to study the projects according to their training program. The projects studies are concluded by expert training seminar when we import highly skilled experts to upgrade the trained skills of our finalizing trainees.


Saady Chohan



January 20, 2020 – 8:00 am


January 23, 2020 – 6:00 pm


Nziza Training Academy, 190 KK 15 Rd, Kigali

Seminar description

It is in that line; this time we bring you, Mr. Saady Chohan, for the expert seminar on Planswift software. In addition to our trained professionals in the program of construction project management, this seminar is purposed to help local quantity surveyors, civil engineers, and other professionals with experience in quantity surveying and cost estimation master the software that is leading the job market so far.

PlanSwift® is an American cutting-edge tool for quantity takeoff and estimating, which is known as the fastest and easiest quantity surveying software in the world. If you are a quantity-surveying professional in Rwanda, you no longer need to work hard, you should attend this seminar to be able to work smart with Planswift.

Are quantity takeoffs and cost estimating taking you time? When it should be making you money? Are you doing more estimates to get the same amount of work? Do you need to be faster and more efficient? We have organized a Planswift expert seminar for you, the software is designed to improve accuracy, save time, and increase profit.

The seminar will start on March 13, 2022, at 9 AM and will last for 2 days full time, from 9 am until 7 pm with 2 hours pause in-between.


Under Green Figure Technique (GFT), a UAE-based technology company that controls the distribution and use of Planswift software across the Middle East and Africa, Planswift accredits this training, you will be certified at the end and licenses will be installed for free.


To attend this training seminar, you have to confirm your availability before March 05, 2022. That is purposed to control the number of participants at the hotel.

  1. For Nziza Training Academy graduates of the year 2020 and 2021 in the department of construction project management, this training is free.
  2. For other professionals, to attend this training must pay 100,000 Rwandan francs, to be able to attend and be certified.


The payment must be delivered to the company’s registered mobile money account 0785568718 before March 07, 2022.

You must be fully vaccinated and have a covid-19 negative test proof taken within 48 hours. If you need us to bring a medical nurse for a covid-19 test at the hotel on the training day, add to your message confirming your attendance.

Nziza Training Academy will not pay for costs regarding covid-19 prevention measures for any individual.