BIM Specialist Seminar in Kigali

Building Information Modelling (BIM) has evolved as a transformational strategy to improve efficiency, accuracy, and cooperation within the building and infrastructure development industries in an era of fast technological growth. This seminar for integrating BIM Workflow for Road Infrastructure Development in Rwanda is a lively and interactive event designed for Rwandan road infrastructure companies and professionals who want to use BIM techniques to promote innovation and excellence in their projects.


Rajesh Sukumaran
BIM Expert
Assistant Trainer / Civil and Infrastructure Department
Assistant Trainer


December 2, 2023


December 7, 2023


Nziza Training Academy, 190 KK 15 Rd, Kigali   View map


Providing a comprehensive understanding of BIM concepts, processes, and benefits specific to road infrastructure development.

Showcasing real-world success stories and case studies highlighting the integration of BIM in road construction projects, case studies of Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Exploring the practical applications of BIM tools and technologies (Civil 3D and BIM360) for design, simulation, collaboration, and project management.

Demonstrating the value of BIM in reducing errors, optimizing resource utilization, and improving project timelines.

Foster networking opportunities among road infrastructure professionals, CAD masters and technology providers.

Facilitate discussions on the challenges and opportunities of adopting BIM workflows in the Rwandan context.

  • Certified by Autodesk
  • Accredited by Institution of Engineers Rwanda (IER)
  • Organized by Nziza Training Academy

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