ArchiCAD Expert seminar on parametric architecture

On our mission to create unbeatable professionals in Rwanda, we yearly host an expert seminar where we bring a world-renowned expert in a specific industry to upskill our locally trained practitioners in the courses we train. Are you an ArchiCAD user in architectural design projects in Rwanda? Get Trained, Get Verified, and Then Certified by GRAPHISOFT BIM Manager in Kigali. This time we recruited architect Hüseyin Penbeoğlu for the expert seminar in our program of Architectural design.


March 19, 2022


March 20, 2022


Nziza Training Academy

Hüseyin is a Graphisoft Cert. BIM Manager, One of the creators of ArchiCAD software -Turkish Version as a BIM Specialist, over a decade practicing architect in the architecture industry of the United Kingdom.

This seminar will only deal with the advanced use of ArchiCAD software in parametric design using shell, morph tools, and other complex features of the software. That is why, to attend this training, you must be an experienced ArchiCAD user or previously trained by Nziza Training Academy.

Starting on March 19, 2022, the seminar will last for 2 days full time, from 9 am until 7 pm with 2 hours pause in-between.


You will not attend this training just like that; you will have to confirm your availability before March 10, 2022. That is purposed to control the number of participants at the hotel.

  • For Nziza Training Academy graduates of the year 2020 and 2021, this training is free.
  • For Nziza Training Academy graduates of the previous years, you will be asked to pay 20,000 Rwandan francs as a commitment fee paid on the institute’s mobile money number.
  • For other architectural design practitioners with experience in using ArchiCAD, must pay 100,000 Rwandan francs paid on our bank account, to be able to attend and be certified.


You must be fully vaccinated and a covid-19 negative test proof taken within 48 hours is mandatory.

Nziza Training Academy will not pay for costs regarding covid-19 prevention measures for any individual.

Training delivery method

Due to covid-19, the expert will be virtual, and all trainees will have to be at five to five hotel with hotel facilities to make this training work seamlessly.