A shift from ArchiCAD to Revit training for professionals

Training objective: This course takes you on the complete steps in your learning journey, teaching you the complete skills you need to start designing buildings in Autodesk Revit with accuracy and precision. Project success also depends on solid documentation and communication with project teams and you will discover these best-practice workflows to use in Revit. It will take your knowledge of creating and managing models in Revit to the next level. Practice your new skills and test your knowledge with the exercises, challenge assignments, and a final project study that goes with the course.


IHIRWE Pacifique



February 26, 2022


March 27, 2022


Nziza Training Academy, Kimironko, Kibagabaga Road 


Upon many requests to our graduates to provide a discounted training on Revit that aims to help them shift from ArchiCAD to Revit. Nziza Training Academy wishes to convey this training in quick delivery backed by 30 percent of discount to our trained graduates in the architectural design course.

Turn your skills into actionable results by learning the critical skills required for both modeling and documentation workflows in Autodesk Revit architecture.

We are destined to help Rwandan professionals stand out with technological skills in the international design market. We know our targeted people are busy working on projects outside there. That is why we have compressed this Revit mastering package to be delivered within 4 weekends only.

Are you wondering if it is possible to master Revit within 4 weekends only? Yes, it is to be delivered by Autodesk approved instructor and we are known to never settle for mediocre deliverables. We always go for advanced-level packages.

Take your skills of creating and managing models in Revit to the next level. Building Information Modeling (BIM) has become the industry standard for architectural design due to its ability to integrate data throughout the full project lifecycle.

Learn the needed skills of architectural design and documentation using Revit and secure an Autodesk accredited certificate at the end of the training.

Who is this training for?

This course is designed for all architectural design professionals who need to shift from other design software to Revit.

If you are not familiar with any other BIM software, then this course is not for you. 

How long is the training?

The training will focus on the use and understanding of Revit software and will start on February 26, 2022. The course is estimated to cover 4 weekends using Saturdays and Sundays only.

On Saturday from 9 am up to 1 pm, a pause of 2 hours and then resume from 3 pm up to 8 pm.

Then on Sunday, the course will be starting from 2 pm up to 8 pm.

What will be the outcome?

Revit is Autodesk’s industry-leading Building Information Modeling program that enables architects to efficiently create coordinated and consistent model-based designs.

This course is project-oriented to enable you excellently start, work on and finalize any architectural design project from schematic designs through design development, to construction documents production.

At completion, you will receive an Autodesk training certificate.

Important Notes

  • The available seats are limited to 20. In case it exceeds that number, we will consider the first 20 confirmations only.
  • This training is not for beginners of the architectural design profession. It is designed for professional designers who need to adopt Revit.

What will be the training price?

The Training Payment Is four hundred thousand Rwandan francs (400,000 RWF), software license for the training, and Autodesk training certificate included.

There is a discount of 30% to all Nziza Training Academy graduates, who completed our training on ArchiCAD and continued to use it in delivering architectural projects.

The full payment must be delivered before February 20, 2022, which must be deposited on our equity bank account number 4003200580012 registered on Nziza Training Academy Ltd.

The training dates can be changed due to serious circumstances and once happens; it will be communicated at the right time.