Interior Design and Landscaping

Are you prepared to embark on a journey of professional growth and advancement in the fields of interior design and landscaping?

In contemporary society, the realms of interior design and landscaping transcend mere aesthetics, intertwining artistry, scientific principles, and technological innovation to shape environments that inspire, function optimally, and enrich lives.

As a seasoned professional with a robust theoretical foundation in these disciplines, you recognize the importance of translating theoretical knowledge into practical, impactful solutions that leave a lasting imprint on the built environment.

Enter our meticulously curated training course—a comprehensive program designed specifically for individuals of your caliber who aspire to elevate their expertise to new heights. Unlike traditional academic pursuits focused on master’s degrees in landscape architecture or interior design, our course is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between theory and practical application.

We understand that your objective is not merely to accrue additional theoretical knowledge, but rather to acquire the practical tools and strategies necessary to bring your conceptualizations to fruition.

At the core of our program lies SketchUp software technology—an industry-leading tool acclaimed as the foremost architecture program globally, as endorsed by the G2 summer 2022 report.

With SketchUp at your disposal, you will gain access to a suite of sophisticated features enabling you to craft intricate designs, visualize concepts with unparalleled precision, and communicate your ideas with clarity and impact.

Whether you are a seasoned professional seeking to refine your skill set or an aspiring newcomer eager to make your mark, our course offers a gateway to professional excellence in the dynamic realm of design.

Seize the opportunity to unlock your full potential and embark on a journey of transformative growth and achievement.






Experience the transformative essence of interior design, the cornerstone of spatial interaction.

It holds sway over our daily existence, shaping our living, working, recreational, and even therapeutic environments. Interior design is the conduit through which comfortable homes, efficient workplaces, and aesthetically pleasing public spaces emerge.

The mastery of top-tier interior designers may seem effortless, crafting environments that intuitively cater to our needs and stir our emotions. However, in the contemporary landscape of the 21st century, proficiency in skills and technical knowledge alone no longer suffices.

Embracing technology becomes imperative to manifest concepts into tangible realities and effortlessly convey them to non-technical stakeholders. Our training program is meticulously crafted as a comprehensive solution to this demand.

In recognition of the unique dynamics of the Rwandan market, where interior design often encompasses external compound planning, we have incorporated a dedicated chapter on landscaping into our curriculum.

This addition ensures that our course delivers a holistic package. Participants will gain insights into effectively addressing the distinctive challenges of Landscape Design within SketchUp. The chapter encompasses a diverse array of strategies encompassing terrain manipulation, hardscape integration, entourage placement, and more.

Embark on this journey of professional development and innovation, where the convergence of design expertise and technological acumen paves the way for unparalleled success in the dynamic realm of interior and landscape design.

Here is what you will learn:

Throughout the course, participants will gain comprehensive knowledge and practical skills in utilizing SketchUp for various design applications.

Specifically, the training will cover the following key areas:

    1. Mastery of 2D drafting and space planning: Acquire expertise in meticulous spatial arrangement and precise drafting techniques essential for designing optimal co-working environments.
    2. Efficient model organization: Learn advanced methods for structuring SketchUp models to enhance collaboration, navigation, and overall project efficiency.
    3. Maximizing 3D Warehouse utilization: Harness the full potential of SketchUp’s extensive 3D Warehouse to curate and integrate high-quality furniture, equipment, and decor elements seamlessly into your co-working space designs.
    4. Proficiency in 3D object creation: Develop adeptness in crafting bespoke 3D objects within SketchUp, tailored to fulfill the diverse functional and aesthetic requirements of residential interiors.
    5. Comprehensive room design expertise: Explore in-depth strategies for conceptualizing and executing designs for bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, dining areas, and living rooms, ensuring harmonious and captivating living spaces.
    6. Fundamental principles of SketchUp model documentation: Master the foundational principles and methodologies necessary for generating meticulous and visually engaging documentation, crucial for effectively communicating design proposals.
    7. Strategic garage space redesign: Apply sophisticated layouting techniques to articulate compelling redesign proposals for garage spaces, demonstrating adaptability and innovation in repurposing functional areas.
    8. Versatile terrain modeling strategies: Explore diverse techniques for intricately sculpting digital terrain within SketchUp, facilitating accurate representation and manipulation of site topography.
    9. Artful hardscape design proficiency: Cultivate expertise in designing and modeling an array of hardscape elements, such as pathways, patios, and retaining walls, imbuing outdoor spaces with structural integrity and aesthetic appeal.
    10. Nuanced entourage integration: Discover nuanced approaches to incorporating entourage elements, including foliage, human figures, vehicles, and architectural details, to enrich and contextualize landscape designs with realism and vibrancy.
    11. Strategic lighting design: Learn to leverage lighting techniques to enhance functionality, aesthetics, and ambiance within co-working environments, optimizing productivity and user experience.
    12. Accessibility and universal design standards: Incorporate principles of accessibility and universal design to ensure inclusivity and usability in garage space redesigns, accommodating diverse user needs and preferences.

Who should attend this training

Professionals and enthusiasts seeking to enhance their proficiency in SketchUp and broaden their capabilities in interior and landscape design would greatly benefit from attending this training. Specifically, individuals such as:

  1. Interior Designers: Those aiming to refine their skills in creating fully furnished commercial and residential spaces using SketchUp, including drafting, space planning, and 3D object creation.

  2. Architects and Draftspersons: Professionals looking to expand their expertise in digital modeling and documentation, particularly in the context of designing interiors and integrating SketchUp into their workflow.

  3. Landscape Architects and Designers: Individuals interested in mastering SketchUp’s terrain modeling tools and honing their abilities to design captivating outdoor environments, including hardscape features and entourage elements.

  4. Students and Educators: Those pursuing or teaching disciplines related to architecture, interior design, or landscape architecture, seeking practical and comprehensive training in SketchUp for professional development or academic purposes.

  5. Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners: Individuals involved in property development, real estate, or related ventures, aiming to gain practical skills in visualizing and presenting design concepts using SketchUp for commercial and residential projects.

Overall, this training offers valuable insights and hands-on experience tailored to a diverse audience interested in leveraging SketchUp for creating compelling and well-executed designs across various domains.