Electrical Design

Due to drastic changes in electrical engineering industry, need of the trained electrical individuals is growing hurriedly. There will be an increase of 24% in occupations for skilled electrical pros by the close of this decade because power utilization has been increasing over the past few years, most rapidly. We introduce to you the innovative electrical design skills development course, which intends to tackle the planning, creating, testing or supervising the development and installation of electrical equipment, including lighting equipment, power systems, power distribution, fire alarms, life safety systems and other related systems.




Most of engineering sectors in Africa have been experiencing the shortage of competent engineers to intervene in complex and highly budgeted projects. That is among the problems we are solving as a skills developer. Electrical engineers especially designers must be technically proficient with a variety of engineering, design software packages, various laboratory equipment and instruments.

We know traditional universities are equipped with enough instruments and equipment to sharpen students with other practices than design software. That is why; this course will mainly deal with turning those all theories and hands on practices taught in colleges into most valuable skills with design software according to the standards of Rwanda Standard Board.

What you will learn:

  • Model, design and compute electrical systems of buildings
  • Work collaboratively on multidisciplinary projects with AutoCAD MEP
  • Correctly configure Revit projects for electrical systems
  • Creating and annotating construction documents. Perform lighting layouts, power socket layouts, fire alarm system layouts and power distribution system layouts
  • Create circuits and wiring diagrams using AutoCAD
  • Work with electrical connectors
  • Extract metric computations from the electrical model
  • Extract design reports
Download a course brochure to know the requirements to enroll.

Course price: 800,000 RWF