Design of Steel Structures

This course is tailored to empower civil engineers who already master Protastructure with the
proficiency to expertly design steel structures utilizing Protasteel as a part of Protastructure enterprise
suite. Through a hands-on approach, participants will immerse themselves in the details of Protasteel,
from creating precise 3D models to optimizing designs for both efficiency and safety. The program
places a specific emphasis on the practical application of designing steel structures for real-world
projects, including warehouses and multistory residential houses, ensuring immediate relevance to
participants’ professional activities.

A key highlight of the course is the exploration of Protasteel’s dynamic analysis capabilities. Practical considerations such as connections detailing and adherence to international design codes are integrated, ensuring that the steel structures designed meet industry standards, thereby establishing a robust foundation for safe and compliant projects. 


SHEMA Armand Chris


The significance of mastering Protasteel lies in its ability to streamline the design process, allowing civil engineers to efficiently create accurate 3D models and optimize structural designs. The course is crafted to equip participants with versatile skills applicable to a range of projects, enhancing their adaptability in the ever-evolving field of civil engineering. Additionally, the expertise gained in dynamic analysis further enhances engineers’ capabilities in evaluating and optimizing structural responses, contributing to more resilient and efficient designs. In essence, this professional course is designed to be a transformative learning experience, arming civil engineers with the tools and knowledge to elevate their proficiency in designing steel structures with precision and efficiency, ultimately contributing to the success of their professional projects..

Here is what you can expect at the end of this training:

Joining our Steel structural design and analysis training using Protastructure offers a myriad of benefits for civil and structural engineers:
1. Participants will gain an advanced level of proficiency in Protasteel software, enhancing their ability to efficiently create accurate 3D models and optimize designs for steel structures.
2. The course’s focus on practical applications, especially in designing steel structures for
warehouses and multistory residential houses, ensures that participants acquire skills directly applicable to their professional projects, increasing their effectiveness in the workplace.
3. Engineers will develop expertise in using Protasteel’s dynamic analysis capabilities. This
knowledge is invaluable for assessing structural abilities of Steel beams (such as I beams,
otherwise known as universal beams), Steel frame buildings (which are very advantageous),
Lintel beams, Parallel flange channels, steel columns, Steel railings, plates, bolts, welded
connections and more, contributing to more resilient and efficient structural designs.
4. The integration of international design codes ensures that participants design steel structures in accordance with industry standards. This compliance establishes a solid foundation for safe and compliant projects, contributing to the professional credibility of attendees.
5. With a focus on designing steel structures for different applications, participants gain versatile skills applicable to various projects. This versatility enhances their adaptability in the field of civil engineering, making them more valuable assets to their organizations.
6. Attending this training signifies a commitment to continuous learning and professional

Participants will stay abreast of the latest advancements in structural design technology, positioning themselves as proactive professionals in the rapidly evolving field of civil engineering. Overall, joining this training not only enhances individual skills but also contributes to the overall efficiency, compliance, and success of steel engineering projects. Participants can expect to gain a competitive edge in their careers by acquiring specialized knowledge and practical expertise in designing steel structures using Protasteel.