5D BIM Quantity Surveying

Are you a seasoned quantity surveyor looking to expand your expertise and stay at the forefront of digital landscape in your sector? This exclusive training course in Autodesk
Navisworks is tailored precisely for professionals like you. In today’s construction industry, the ability to efficiently prepare Bill of Quantities (BOQ) is crucial. This comprehensive
program is carefully crafted to equip quantity surveyors with the digital skills needed to leverage Navisworks for BOQ preparation, using architectural designs from Revit.
This course will dive into the details of Navisworks through modules designed to cover every facet of BOQ preparation. You will start by mastering Navisworks fundamentals, familiarizing yourself with the software interface and essential navigation techniques. You will learn effective strategies for importing and organizing Revit models within Navisworks, ensuring smooth workflow management.




Next, you discover advanced clash detection techniques to identify and resolve conflicts early in the design phase, optimizing project timelines and resources. You will gain proficiency in performing accurate quantity takeoffs directly from 3D models, streamlining the BOQ preparation process and minimizing errors. You will unlock the power of Navisworks’ Timeliner tool to create and simulate dynamic construction sequences, enhancing project scheduling and coordination.
This is your right time to enhance your presentation skills by learning to visualize and present project data effectively using Navisworks’ powerful visualization tools. This course offers practical, hands-on learning experiences and real-world case studies to reinforce your understanding and prepare you for real-world challenges. Join us and take your quantity surveying career to new heights with Navisworks mastery.

Here is what you can expect at the end of this training:

Upon completion of this 5D BIM for qunatity surveyors training, participants will be equipped with a comprehensive BIM skill set including:

 Comprehensive proficiency in Autodesk Navisworks, empowering you to excel in digital quantification and modern construction management roles.
 Advanced techniques for clash detection, automated quantity takeoff, and construction
sequencing, enabling you to streamline project workflows in 4th dimension and optimize resource allocation.
 The art of precise quantity takeoffs directly from 3D models made by Revit, minimizing errors and ensuring the accuracy of BOQs, leading to more reliable project estimates and
 Discovery of time-saving strategies for clash resolution and construction sequencing,
allowing you to identify and address issues early, thereby reducing project delays and
costly rework.
 Skills in Navisworks’ collaboration tools, facilitating seamless communication and
coordination with project stakeholders, resulting in smoother project execution and
 Differentiating yourself in the industry with specialized expertise in Navisworks,
opening up new opportunities for career growth and advancement in the competitive
construction sector.
 Hands-on learning experiences and real-world case studies, providing you with the
practical knowledge and confidence to tackle complex BOQ preparation challenges

Who should attend this training:

The BIM Quantity surveying course is targeted towards a variety of professionals in the construction industry who deal with BIM project estimation and costing. Here’s a breakdown of the ideal participants:

  1. Quantity Surveyors: Experts in cost estimation and management, responsible for preparing detailed BoQs and managing project budgets.
  2. Estimators: Professionals tasked with assessing project costs and preparing accurate estimates for tender submissions.
  3. BIM Managers and Coordinators: Those responsible for implementing and managing BIM workflows within construction projects.
  4. Contractors: Entities responsible for executing construction projects, utilizing BoQs for bidding, cost estimation, and project management.
  5. Procurement Officers: Professionals responsible for sourcing materials and services for construction projects, using BoQs for tender evaluation and contract negotiation.