Quntity Surveyor | Sales and Training

Job Type: Full time [Open-end contract]

Location: Kigali Office


In today’s world, technology is the driving force across various industries. Proficiency in the latest technological innovations is not merely advantageous but also a necessity for success in the modern economy. In Rwanda, Nziza Training Academy emerges as the only internationally authorized company for training, certification, and licensing in the advanced use of modern software technologies, catalyzing digital transformation across architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries.

We go beyond imparting skills; we empower technical teams to go beyond expectations in their project deliveries. Our internationally accredited training programs are carefully tailored to align with global industry standards, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge methodologies and forefront software technologies dominant in today’s job market.

While traditional educational institutions provide a solid foundation, proficiency in essential technological tools is crucial for thriving in professional fields. Since 2018, we have been working with big construction and infrastructure companies in Rwanda to help them build local teams with high-end technical studies expertise, transforming how projects are delivered through comprehensive training that goes beyond the ordinary, shaping the future of how we approach technical projects in the 21st century.


As a Technical Quantity Surveyor at the only one Autodesk certified training center in Rwanda, you will be responsible for spearheading the sales, technical support, and training initiatives to promote digital quantity surveying within Rwanda’s construction industry. Your role will involve engaging with big companies in Rwanda that are already our clients and others that are not to understand their project needs, providing customized solutions leveraging Autodesk Revit, MS Project, Take-Off, Build, and other Autodesk software technologies to deliver comprehensive training programs to enhance their teams’ technical capabilities.


  1. Autodesk Certifications and other industry leading technology certifications
  2. Access to the first-hand training on world’s latest software technologies in project and cost management
  3. Locally competitive Salary
  4. Travelling across regions where we have offices and clients’ base
  5. Working in dynamic environment, where growth is everyday’s goal
  6. Automated salary raise every year of good performance
  7. Being at the forefront of digital revolution in quantity surveying sector in the eastern africa region


As the technical quantity surveyor at our company, you will have the following duties and responsibilities:

  1. Technical Training and Support:
    • Conduct comprehensive training sessions for companies on the advanced use of Autodesk software products that are in quantity surveying, project and cost management sector. Specifically, Autodesk Construction Cloud, Navisworks, and Revit.
    • Stay updated on the latest features and updates of Autodesk Revit and construction cloud, incorporating them into training programs to maximize client productivity and efficiency.
    • Provide technical support and guidance to individual clients throughout the sales process, online training, addressing inquiries, resolving issues, and ensuring they effectively use the software to streamline their project workflows.
    • Develop in-depth knowledge of Autodesk BIM software products, including their features, capabilities, latest updates, and applications.
  1. Sales and BIM Development:
    • Develop and execute sales strategies to achieve the acceleration of BIM use in Rwanda. This will include implementation of set targets, sales forecasting, and territory planning.
    • Identify and pursue new companies, including prospecting, lead generation, and relationship building with potential clients.
    • Cultivate strong relationships with existing clients, understanding their needs, and proposing tailored solutions to drive customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Preparing and delivering compelling technical software presentations to prospective clients/companies, highlighting the benefits of acquiring original licenses backed by our Autodesk certified training programs.
  1. Customized Solutions Development:
    • Collaborate with clients to understand their specific project requirements and challenges, offering tailored solutions through the utilization of BIM software for cost and project management.
    • Develop customized templates, workflows, and methodologies within Autodesk Revit and construction cloud to address the unique needs of each client, optimizing their cost and project management processes.
  1. Industry Advocacy and Thought Leadership:
    • Serve as a trusted advisor and thought leader in the field of digital cost and project management, representing the company at industry events, seminars, and conferences.
    • Share insights and best practices with clients and industry stakeholders, highlighting the transformative impact of modern software technologies on project delivery.
  1. Market Research and Analysis:
    • Conduct regular market research to identify emerging trends, other authorized center’s activities, and potential areas for expansion within regional technology landscape.
    • Analyze market data and client feedback to refine sales and training strategies, ensuring alignment with the evolving needs of the industry.
    • Prepare regular reports and presentations to communicate sales achievements, training outcomes, and future growth opportunities to company management.
  2. Team Collaboration and Coordination:
    • Collaborate closely with internal teams, including sales, marketing, and customer support, to ensure seamless delivery of sales and training services.
    • Coordinate training schedules, resources, and logistics to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of training programs.
  1. Relationship Management:
    • Build and maintain strong partnerships with key stakeholders, including government agencies, engineering companies, international organizations, and educational institutions, to promote cost and project management solutions and expand our market presence.
    • Represent the company at industry events, conferences, and networking forums to enhance visibility, establish credibility, and foster collaborative opportunities with potential clients and partners.

Conducting voluntary physical visits to clients who purchased Autodesk software licenses for cost and project management to understand or address their technical issues (raised or unraised)


How to Apply: Please submit your resume and a cover letter outlining your qualifications and relevant experience to alexandre@nzizaglobal.com by March 20, 2024. In your cover letter, please also include your salary expectations and earliest availability for joining our team.

Nziza Training Academy is an equal opportunity employer and welcomes applications from individuals of all backgrounds. We thank all applicants for their interest in this position; however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.