Institution of Engineers Rwanda partners with Nziza Training Academy in upskilling local engineers.

Established and enacted by the Parliament of the government of Rwanda with law No. 26/2012 of 29 June 2012, Institution of Engineers Rwanda (IER) is purposed to advance, promote and develop the engineering profession in Rwanda through enhanced awareness of the engineering profession, regulation, and Capacity Building of its members to keep its vision.

Considering our strategies and unique structure in developing skills of AEC professionals on CAD, CAM, CAE, and BIM technologies, IER’s governing council has approved us as a strategic partner in skills development for its registered members.

Institution of Engineers Rwanda (IER) and Nziza Training Academy have decided to come together to create partnership and collaboration for the advancement of technical skills and technological development through the provision of accredited professional training, Knowledge Sharing, and Skills Exchange for the purpose of covering skill-gap in engineering market of Rwanda.

Both institutions will work together in the areas where Nziza Training Academy has a mastery and certified instructors like in mechanical (HVAC) Design, structural engineering, roads and highways engineering, Electrical design, production and manufacturing, contracts management, and so on.

Both institutions will also be sitting together to identify the critical skill gap in the engineering profession and then structure tailored training to cover that certain gap. There will similarly be the introduction of different skills development initiatives that will be destined to bring new technologies that are not yet or advanced in the country. All for enabling local engineering professionals to deal with technical studies of complicated and highly budgeted projects within the country and abroad.

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