Water Access Rwanda,
Training the Team of 5 Water Engineers

In November 2023, we conducted an extensive month-long training program for the dedicated team of water engineers at Water Access Rwanda (WAR), a pioneering social enterprise committed to transforming water infrastructure across Africa.

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Before our training, WAR faced significant challenges relying on manual calculations and encountering inefficiencies with EPANET Software in their substantial water projects until they decided to invest in WaterGEMS training. 

Their investment in an extensive one-month training focused on adopting WATERGEMS aimed to address these challenges, providing essential knowledge and tools to enhance the impact of their Water distribution initiatives. 

As the representative of Bentley Systems in Rwanda, we take pride in assisting companies and institutions by equipping them with the necessary skills to utilize the right tools available in the market, and for Water engineering sector we advise WaterGEMS as a high-performance water distribution networks software.

We are immensely proud to have played a pivotal role in contributing to Water Access Rwanda’s mission of establishing reliable, affordable, and convenient water infrastructure across Africa. 💧

Here’s a glimpse of the transformative topics covered during over 80 hours of our training:

Understanding Water Distribution Systems with WaterGEMS software

Delving deep into the details of water distribution systems, leveraging the power of cutting-edge WaterGEMS software for efficient management.

Data Collection and Modeling

Equipping the WAR team with essential skills in data collection and modeling, laying the foundation for robust decision-making processes.

Quantum GIS (QGIS) Integration with WaterGEMS

Exploring the seamless integration of Quantum GIS with WaterGEMS, enhancing spatial analysis and planning capabilities.

Water Quality and Demand Analysis

Assisting WAR engineers in mastering techniques for water quality and demand analysis, ensuring the delivery of safe and reliable water services.

System Analysis and Optimization

Empowering Water Access Rwanda’s engineers with tools for system analysis and optimization, maximizing the efficiency of their water projects.

WaterGEMS offers a user-friendly decision-support tool for water distribution networks that is both comprehensive and easy to use. The software enhances your understanding of infrastructure behavior as a system, its response to operational strategies, and its expansion requirements with growing populations and demands. Whether you require simulations for fire flow and water quality, or analyses for criticality and energy costs, OpenFlows WaterGEMS provides a complete solution within a flexible multiplatform environment like no other software in the market. It’s essential to note that OpenFlows WaterGEMS encompasses all the capabilities of OpenFlows WaterCAD and more.

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Certification Ceremony

The team, under the leadership of the company’s Chief Technical Officer, HIRWA Christian, participated in the certification ceremony for the year 2023 alongside other trained companies and professionals. The event took place at M Hotel, Kiyovu.