Training the team of 18 Engineers on the integration of BIM Workflow for Infrastructure projects

In a significant leap towards innovation, REAL CONTRACTORS Ltd has enthusiastically joined the training program focused on Building Information Modeling (BIM) integration for infrastructure projects in Rwanda, accredited by the renowned software technology giant, Autodesk.

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As the largest building company in Rwanda, REAL CONTRACTORS Ltd has consistently set benchmarks in the construction industry, specializing in diverse sectors such as commercial buildings, airports, housing, education facilities, sports facilities, and more. The company’s commitment to delivering top-notch construction services in the East African region is unwavering, and this commitment is reflected in its proactive approach to ensuring its technical team remains at the forefront of the industry’s practical trends.

At the heart of REAL CONTRACTORS Ltd’s success is its dedication to the continuous development of its technical team. The compnay’s top management knows very well that the construction industry is dynamic and ever-evolving, which prioritizes technology training and adoption to ensure that its team remains equipped with the latest knowledge and skills. 

The participation in BIM integration training is a clear manifestation of REAL CONTRACTORS Ltd’s commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology for the benefit of its projects, clients, and the industry as a whole. By investing in the skills and knowledge of its technical team, the company is poised to exceed the expectations of its clients and contribute significantly to the growth and advancement of the country

Here’s a glimpse of the transformative topics covered during over week of our training:

Introduction to BIM and BIM Collaborate Pro

We started by defining what is BIM and why is it crucial in road construction and design. This was followed by the benefits of BIM in terms of project efficiency, cost savings, and collaboration, and creating a BIM Collaborate Pro project. We also helped the team understand the different user roles: Project Admin, Project Member, etc. Concluded by setting up user permissions for effective collaboration.

Software Interface and Basic Functions

We explored the cloud dashboard, project overview, and file management, how to upload and organize the design and construction models, how to manage versions and revisions, using the built-in viewer to review and navigate models plus adding markups, comments, and annotations.

Project Collaboration and Model Coordination

We trained the team on coordinating models from different disciplines (Wet utilities, dry utilities, etc.). Using Clash Detection to identify and resolve clashes in designs. The creation, assigning, and tracking issues within the platform. How to Integrate issues with the models for clear communication. We trained how different teams from different locations can work on the design process in real-time, helped by understanding how simultaneous editing works in the cloud.

Advanced Features and Workflows

This training section focused on the integration of BIM Collaborate Pro with other software tools, focusing on REVIT. Followed by managing and syncing data between desktop and cloud. Generating project reports, visualizations, and analytics. Extracting valuable insights for decision-making. Setting up custom workflows and processes. and closed by incorporating company BIM standards and templates

BIM Implementation and Best Practices

Understanding an implementation strategy and BIM Execution Plan for NPD as a company, Identifying challenges and solutions, Implementing best practices for effective collaboration using BIM Collaborate Pro. and ensuring data integrity and security

Building Information Modelling (BIM) has evolved as a transformational strategy to improving the efficiency, accuracy, and collaboration within the building and infrastructure development industry in an era of fast technology growth.

This training for integrating BIM Workflow for Building Infrastructure Development in Rwanda was a lively and interactive event designed for Rwandan road infrastructure companies and professionals who wanted to adopt BIM techniques to promote innovation and excellence in their projects.

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Certification Ceremony

The team participated in the certification ceremony for the year 2023 alongside other trained companies and professionals. The event took place at M Hotel, Kiyovu.