Engineers from different infratructure companies trained on bridge design with Midas Civil

This full week hands-on training marked a pivotal moment for structural, roads, and bridge engineers from various infrastructure companies. This specialized training, exclusively focused on the design of bridge structures, brought together professionals from prominent companies such as NPD, Bridges to Prosperity, Horizon Construction, ASSETIP, PRISMA, RTDA, and others. The collective goal was to enhance the expertise of engineers specifically involved in bridge engineering projects.

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The training seminar centered around the use of Midas Civil, recognized globally as the most powerful software in the field of bridge engineering. Organized exclusively for engineers dealing with bridges, the training seminar aimed to provide participants with in-depth knowledge and practical skills for leveraging Midas Civil to its full potential in their projects.

One of the distinguishing features of the seminar was its hands-on approach, allowing engineers to delve into real-world applications and gain practical experience in designing bridge structures. The curriculum covered a spectrum of topics, encompassing the intricacies of structural design, analysis, and implementation using Midas Civil.

By focusing on practical exercises and case studies, participants were not only introduced to the theoretical aspects of bridge engineering but also equipped with the skills to apply this knowledge effectively in their day-to-day work.

The companies in attendance represented a cross-section of the industry, showcasing a collaborative effort to invest in the professional development of engineers. The diverse backgrounds and experiences brought by participants contributed to a rich and interactive learning environment, fostering the exchange of ideas and best practices among professionals from different design and implementation companies.

The accreditation and delivery of the training were carried out by the Midas Team in Rwanda, operating under the local representation of NZIZA. This collaboration highlighted the commitment to bringing world-class expertise and tools to the local engineering community. By accrediting the training locally, engineers were provided with a unique opportunity to learn from experts with a deep understanding of both global best practices and the specific challenges faced in the Rwandan context.

As the participants returned to their respective roles armed with enhanced skills and insights gained from the seminar, the impact of this training initiative is anticipated to extend beyond individual skill development. By empowering engineers with the knowledge and proficiency to maximize the capabilities of Midas Civil, the seminar contributes to the advancement of bridge engineering practices in Rwanda.

The hands-on training seminar served as a testament to the collaborative efforts of industry-leading companies and the commitment to fostering excellence in bridge engineering. The practical focus on Midas Civil ensures that engineers are well-prepared to tackle the complexities of modern bridge design and implementation, contributing to the overall growth and resilience of the engineering sector in Rwanda.

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Certification Ceremony

Successful completion of the training comes with MIDAS Civil certificates, providing participants with formal recognition of their proficiency in delivering projects according to industry standards, codes, and regulations.