Training for civil engineers on the structural BIM design using Protastructure

The training drew a diverse group of engineers, representing both government entities and private companies. Notable participants included civil engineers from Rwanda Energy Group, IBC Group, Rwanda Migration, EPC Africa, and other organizations. This gathering of talent and expertise from various sectors created a dynamic learning environment, fostering knowledge exchange and collaboration among participants with varied industry backgrounds.

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In a collaborative effort, Turkish ProtaSoftware, in partnership with NZIZA, recently conducted an immersive week-long training program. This comprehensive training session served as a valuable opportunity for engineers to enhance their skills and proficiency in using Protastructure, paving the way for advancements in structural engineering and construction practices.

The over 110 hours of extensive training covered a spectrum of essential topics, ensuring a holistic understanding of various aspects of Prota’s suite of tools. Engineers were immersed in hands-on sessions that delved into structural modeling using ProtaStructure, finite element analysis techniques, and code-based design principles.

Participants also gained insights into the creation of engineering reports and the generation of detailed drawings through ProtaDetails. The intricate aspects of connection design macros within ProtaSteel were explored, highlighting the software’s capabilities in optimizing structural connections for efficiency and safety.

The collaboration between Turkish Prota and NZIZA in delivering this training showcased a commitment to advancing engineering practices in Rwanda. By bringing world-class expertise in structural engineering software to the region, the partnership aims to contribute significantly to the professional development of engineers and, consequently, to the overall progress of the construction and infrastructure sectors in Rwanda.

The success of this training program extends beyond the immediate skill enhancement of individual engineers. It serves as a catalyst for the adoption of advanced structural engineering technologies, positioning Rwanda at the forefront of innovative and sustainable construction practices.

As engineers return to their respective roles armed with newfound knowledge and proficiency, the impact of this training initiative is expected to reverberate across ongoing and future projects, contributing to the continued growth and resilience of Rwanda’s engineering landscape.

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Certification Ceremony

Successful completion of the training comes with Prota certificates, providing participants with formal recognition of their proficiency in delivering projects according to industry standards, codes, and regulations.