Expert-level parametric design for architects and designers using ArchiCAD

our dynamic training initiative took a leap forward with the expertise of our distinguished instructor, Arch. Hüseyin. Renowned as a Graphisoft Certified BIM Manager and one of the masterminds behind the creation of the Turkish Version of ArchiCAD, Arch. Hüseyin brings a wealth of experience, boasting over a decade of practice as an architect in the dynamic architecture industry of the United Kingdom.

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The training sessions were carefully crafted to cater to the specific needs of Rwandan architects and designers, offering an in-depth exploration of the advanced functionalities of ArchiCAD software. Arch. Hüseyin’s sessions were particularly focused on the details of parametric architecture, diving deep into the utilization of shell and morph tools, as well as other complex features within the software like contemporary curtain walls.

One of the key highlights of the training was the emphasis on parametric architecture, a design approach that allows architects to create dynamic and flexible structures using ArchiCAD. The participants were guided through the nuanced application of shell and morph tools, unlocking the potential for innovative and responsive architectural designs. The hands-on nature of the training sessions enabled architects and designers to navigate the complexities of these advanced features, empowering them to incorporate parametric design principles into their projects effectively.

Arch. Hüseyin’s role as a Graphisoft Certified BIM Manager ensured that the training aligned with global best practices in Building Information Modeling (BIM). This not only enhances the participants’ proficiency in ArchiCAD but also positions them at the forefront of industry standards, facilitating seamless collaboration and information exchange in the realm of architectural design and construction.

The training served as a convergence point for professionals seeking to elevate their skills in ArchiCAD, fostering a collaborative learning environment where ideas and best practices were exchanged. Architects and designers from various backgrounds came together to absorb the expertise offered by Arch. Hüseyin, creating a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere conducive to professional growth.

Architects and designers gained valuable insights into optimizing their workflows and leveraging ArchiCAD’s advanced features to their full potential. The knowledge acquired during these sessions is anticipated to have a transformative impact on the architectural landscape in Rwanda, introducing new dimensions of creativity and efficiency in design processes.

This training initiative not only stands as a testament to our commitment to advancing architectural practices but also reinforces the importance of continuous learning and collaboration in the ever-evolving field of architecture.

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Certification Ceremony

Successful completion of the training comes with ArchiCAD certificates, providing participants with formal recognition of their proficiency in delivering projects according to industry standards, codes, and regulations.