South Korean MIDAS authorizes Nziza Training Academy.

South Korean MIDAS authorizes Nziza Training Academy.

South Korean leader in bridge engineering software, MIDAS authorizes Nziza Training Academy to start empowering Rwandan engineers with world’s most powerful bridge design software MIDAS Civil.

It is the partnership and authorization agreement signed by both parties today on October 12, 2021.  Both Nziza Training Academy and MIDAS come together to introduce professional training on technical design of bridges for the first time in the history of Rwanda’s engineering industry.

MIDAS IT is a South Korean engineering software development company, which is considered as the leader of bridge engineering software in the world. With over 30 years delivering solutions to civil, structural, geotechnical and mechanical engineers. The company has MIDAS Civil for bridge engineering, MIDAS GeoXD and MIDAS GTS NX for geotechnical engineering, MIDAS nGen, MIDAS Gen and MIDAS Design+ for building structural engineering, MIDAS NFX and MIDAS Meshfree for mechanical engineering, and so on.

MIDAS IT through its center for research and development based in India authorizes Nziza Training Academy as an award-winning professional skills development on CAD, CAE, CAM and BIM in Rwanda to start from bridge engineering sector. It is because there has never been any bridge design training in Rwanda before.

Rwanda is a thousand hills country. Where there are hills, there are valleys. Where hills and valleys are, there is unavoidable need of bridges. The lack of skilled local bridge design engineers has forced Nziza Training Academy to collaborate with MIDAS to upskill local engineers to the required standard by enabling them to deliver any design that might be needed in bridge engineering sector of Rwanda. It is under the vision of ending skilled labor import by 2035 in the country.

As we officially partner with the Institution of Engineers in Rwanda (EIR), the first move is to engage registered civil, structural, roads and highway engineers to train them high-level design skills that are needed to deliver highly budgeted and complicated bridge projects in country.

We will also work with MIDAS to introduce training to our college partners that teach bridges in their curriculum, to help them in creating future bridge designers using MIDAS Civil.

For more details about how this partnership and authorization is formulated to benefit Rwandan engineers and the country in general, send your inquiry to