How the latest technologies can save Rwanda’s infrastructure budget

How the latest technology can save Africa’s infrastructure budget

The dominance of Revit in design work over other CAD software.

The dominance of Revit in design work over other CAD software.

BIM for construction companies in the modern economy.

BIM for construction companies in the modern economy.

Understanding digital twins’ technology in engineering projects.

Digital twin technology is a hot topic in engineering today, mostly in developed countries. it’s a technique that uses digital models to create physical mock-ups of products and systems. That’s really just the beginning! It has the potential to drive more accurate product design, more efficient manufacturing, and more reliable operation and maintenance processes and […]

South Korean MIDAS authorizes Nziza Training Academy.

South Korean leader in bridge engineering software, MIDAS authorizes Nziza Training Academy to start empowering Rwandan engineers with world’s most powerful bridge design software MIDAS Civil.

Awarded as skills development institute of the year 2021 in Rwanda/ Nziza Training Academy.

Beating other big brands in skills development industry of Rwanda like African Training Institute, Skills Africa, Sharpen Skills Rwanda and Rwanda English Training Center.

Announcing changes in our learning structure and the launch of new courses

The management of your skills development center, Nziza Training Academy is thrilled to announce the new training courses to open in December 2021, and changes in the usual learning structure.

Institution of Engineers Rwanda partners with Nziza Training Academy in upskilling local engineers.

Established and enacted by the Parliament of the government of Rwanda with law No. 26/2012 of 29 June 2012, Institution of Engineers Rwanda (IER) is purposed to advance, promote and develop the engineering profession in Rwanda through enhanced awareness of the engineering profession, regulation, and Capacity Building of its members to keep its vision. Considering […]

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