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Nziza Training Academy has been initiated to assist the purpose of connecting the gap between academic institutions and the industry, classroom knowledge and practical skill, qualifications and qualities through the provision of project delivery-based training programs.

We are envisioned to forge next technical studies experts via heightening the use of the latest CAD, CAM, CAE, and BIM technologies across the world. Having started in 2018 in Rwanda, as we are growing at the fastest pace, we are spreading our wings across other developing countries in need.

The idea of this initiative came after finding the lack of proper and serious skills development processes, course guidelines, and training at most of the educational institutes in developing countries. There is a very big and solemn gap between what universities are currently teaching from their curriculums and what is needed at the job market.

That has been keeping most of the college graduates jobless or low-paid and others deviating from their professions. Traditional colleges are only places where an engineering lecturer who has never delivered any project in their entire life will teach you the skills you need to go outside and deliver projects. Does it really work?

All that inspired the introduction of Nziza Training Academy that will be teaching the same but in a different way. That’s why most of our courses are named like college courses, it is because we go for a sector and train you what you have been also missing to deliver a project in your sector of practices.

We have oriented our efforts towards the enhancement of technology in architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing industries because if you look into the market of most developing countries, foreign companies are handling highly budgeted and complicated projects. We can confirm that; incapable local professionals are among the major reasons. One of the strategic solutions is to empower them with technological skills that enable them to deliver high-end results in project studies.

We bring the world’s leading companies in the engineering and design technology local, with highly trained instructors backed by decades of practical experience to make sure they train in accordance with international standards of practices.

Our professional training programs deliver trainees with a strong stand to build their careers on. With the computerization of business and non-business processes in the present decade, the right technical knowledge and skillset is the only career solution and that is what we are offering. Join our training in physical classes in Rwanda or anywhere else in instructor-led online programs.

Let the world know what we have come for. Reach out to us if you need professional CAD, CAM, CAE, and BIM for yourself or your team. If you also need to buy the software licenses and another tech consultancy in architecture, engineering, construction, and manufacturing, let us know.

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