Message from The CEO

Message from The CEO

Hello ladies and gentlemen!

With due respect, it is my mammoth honor to welcome you at Nziza Training Academy; it has been initiated to assist the purpose of connecting the gap between academic institutions and the industry, classroom knowledge and practical skill, qualifications and qualities through competency based training programs. We are here to provide educational training that truly work for professionals and fresh college graduates, all for the vision of forging Africa-made technical studies experts!

I had found the lack of proper and serious skills development processes, course guidelines and training at most of educational institutes in developing countries. i also have found a very big and solemn gap between what universities are currently teaching from their curriculums and what is needed at job-market. That has been keeping most of the college graduates jobless or low paid and others deviating from their professions. In traditional colleges are only places where you will be taught how to deliver a structural analysis project by an engineer lecturer who has never delivered any project in their entire life. Does it really work for the student?

All those inspired me to set up an institution that will be teaching the same but in different way. That is Nziza Training Academy, our learning structure is backed by powerful skills development contents that are flexible to be updated anytime technology changes at job market, selected local highly experienced pros to deliver that contents and we close the intake by importing world level experts to come local and purify what is trained in the period of 6 months. In order to never leave any stone unturned, we have directed all our efforts in only architecture, engineering and construction industry because that is where the biggest part of developing countries budget is oriented. After that, our daily training routine focuses on international industry trending CAD and BIM technology standards of implementing projects.

We are driven by nothing other than making Africa-made technical studies experts. My team and I are ready to invest and sacrifice whatever needed to make it. We promise the public to keep providing a quality educational training with individual care. We will keep visualizing the dreams of African professionals and align our objectives with their career success to make them employable. We believe that right education is the pillar of firm life, and today’s education must be skill-based rather than theoretical knowledge-based. Our training programs deliver students with a strong stand to build their careers on. With the computerization of business and non-business processes in the present decade, the right technical knowledge and skill set is the only career solution and that is what we are offering.

Thank you very much for your time and attention, meet you at any of our branches in Rwanda or Burundi. Be blessed!

I wish you the best!



Chief Executive Officer