Nixon Magese

Assistant Trainer

Magese is a a civil engineer with unbeatable experience in electric power generation and transmission line design and construction from across Malawi, DRC, ...


Assistant Trainer

Eng. Theogene is a highly capable and committed water engineer with a proven track record of providing great customer service and keen attention to detail...


Assistant Trainer

Eng. Theodore is an accomplished and results-driven civil engineer with unbeatable experience as an assistant project manager across residential...



Alexis is a highly accomplished geotechnical engineer with vast experience and international expertise in the industry.

Saady Chohan

Planswift Expert

Saady is an over-decade experienced AEC consultant with a proven record in construction software mastery. He is a Planswift expert within all countries across the Middle East, Asia & Africa. In his years of practical experience, Saady has been an honorary Technical Trainer of major AEC communities in the world, including the Indian Institute of […]

Engr. Kehinde Adeyemi MNSE (MSc)

Expert Instructor

Kehinde is a Master Civil and Structural Engineer with verified commitments to the development of smart cities and infrastructure for sustainable living experiences. With over a decade worth of design and field experience, he has successfully pioneered, participated, and provided support for projects in residential, commercial, industrial, and urban categories with a focus on value […]

Gilles Sabatier-Olne

Structural Engineer - (Norway)

With proven expertise in the field of structural design and analysis of towers and engineering of lines in different countries like Norway, France, Iceland, Gilles owns 20 years of professional experience in engineering work, whereof 16 years is related to engineering of transmission facilities for electric power. Mr. Gilles has taken part in study and […]

Viven Naidoo

Electrical Engineer - (Norway)

With over 23 years of transcontinental experience, Viven Naidoo is electrical engineer with high-level practices in designing or uprating of Distribution and Transmission Lines from 22 kV up to 765 kV. He has gained solid experience in the design of transmission lines in many countries including South Africa, Canada, Namibia, Botswana, Indonesia, Norway, Mozambique, Greenland, […]