We are an award winning skills development and professional training center, working in AEC sector to provide world’s latest CAD, CAM, CAE and BIM technology skills in Rwanda and Burundi.

We are not just a center; we are a family. Where AEC professionals meet and work on the creation of local technical studies experts via learning what is trending at job market.


Most of world’s biggest brands in make and technology industry recognize our efforts and devotion to eradicating skill gap in AEC industry.


We are MIDAS and Autodesk Authorized training center and academic partner, Protasoftware and Planswift technical trainer and reseller in Rwanda and Burundi.


On our mission of providing a platform to our trained professionals to show the world their high-level capabilities, we established Nziza Study Professionals ltd.

Future-proof that you are capable for the next job with Autodesk certifications. We are an Autodesk authorized certification center in Rwanda.

Become an Autodesk certified expert, professional or associate in AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Fusion360, and so on. Read More  

We train people on market-leading technology skills that help them enter the job market with maximum confidence!

We investigate what employers are expecting from job seekers. After that, we sit down and develop a high-end training curriculum and hire industry experts to deliver it. That’s why, people we train, stand out!

Skills Development Programs

No. Course NameSoftware to be trainedPhysicalOnlineAction
#1Architectural Designing Autodesk Revit 3 enrolls 2 enrolls View Details
#2Interior Design and LandscapingSketchUp 3 enrolls 2 enrolls View Details
#3Project ManagementMS Project3 enrolls 4 enrolls View Details
#4Geotechnical EngineeringMidas GTS NX3 enrolls 1 enrolls View Details
#5Building DesigningArchiCAD2 enrolls 2 enrolls View Details
#6Water distributionWaterGEMS /WaterCAD2 enrolls 4 enrolls View Details
#7Electrical DesignAutoCAD MEP2 enrolls 3 enrolls View Details
#8Mechanical (HVAC) designAutoCAD MEP2 enrolls 2 enrolls View Details
#9RC Structural EngineeringProtastructure1 enrolls 2 enrolls View Details
#10Design of Steel StructuresProtaSteel1 enrolls 1 enrolls View Details
#11Construction 4D PlanningSYNCHRO 4D1 enrolls 2 enrolls View Details
#12Technical 2D DrawingAutoCAD1 enrolls 1 enrolls View Details
#13Highway and Roads EngineeringCivil 3D, Infraworks and Vehicle tracking1 enrolls 8 enrolls View Details
#14Bridge EngineeringMIDAS Civil1 enrolls 5 enrolls View Details
#15BIM Document ManagementAutodesk Docs1 enrolls 2 enrolls View Details
#16Building engineeringMidas nGen1 enrolls 2 enrolls View Details
#17Architectural Graphics PresentationIllustrator, Photoshop and InDesign 1 enrolls 1 enrolls View Details
#18BIM For AEC CompaniesBIM 360 / BIM Collaborate Pro1 enrolls 1 enrolls View Details
#19Product Design and ManufacturingInventor, InventorCAM and Nastran1 enrolls 2 enrolls View Details
#20Visualization and RenderingTwinmotion 1 enrolls 1 enrolls View Details
#21BoQ PreparationPlanswift1 enrolls 3 enrolls View Details
#22Plumbing and Drainage System DesignAutoCAD MEP1 enrolls 2 enrolls View Details

Recent Events

Check out the past events and the upcoming ones here.

NTA in Colleges 1
With the accreditation from Autodesk, we are introducing Fusion 360 technology in the technical colleges…
NTA - Cert
Around hundred trained professionals in the areas of bridge engineering, structural engineering, architectural design, quantity surveying, roads…
Developed exclusively to upskill professional engineers who design and build bridges. By the use of the world’s most powerful tool in the bridge engineering sector; MIDAS CIVIL…

We never settle for mediocre. If it’s not an advanced level, we never go for it!


We are the only professional training institution in Africa that is executing skills development on CAD, CAM, CAE and BIM technologies with revolutionary strategies to end tech-skilled labors import in the developing nations by 2035.


Formulated in Africa with high-level standards to up-skill the next generations of engineering and design experts for the future world.



Mission One

We deliver the highest quality skills development curriculum on Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Engineering, Computer Aided Manufacturing, and Building Information Modelling technologies.

Mission Two

We partner with world’s leading organizations in make and technology to be able to go with the rapid-changing job market.

Mission Three

We collaborate with traditional colleges and universities to familiarize students with market trending technology skills before they graduate.

Mission Four

We create permanent network among professionals from different technical sectors and give our trained finalists a platform to showcase their capabilities to public.

Mission Five

We work with technical industry regulators, policy makers and educational officials in linking traditional curriculum with what employers are looking into the job seekers.

Latest News


Approved by Autodesk.

Nziza Training Academy receives a world’s top accreditation in the engineering and design training industry.

Protastructure in Rwanda

On January 19-24, 2020, we completed our very first ProtaStructure training course in Rwanda with over 30 participants.
Our Partners

Our way of skilling university graduates and experienced professionals is proven to end the shortage of Africa’s home-based experts to handle projects that require advanced technology skills.

We oppose people who have a mentality of that jobs are scarce.  Actually, the scarce is qualified people with the right skill-set to tackle high-income jobs and challenging careers in the marketplace. If you don’t believe so, compare our trained graduates with traditional college graduates you will see the difference.

We have partnered with technology organizations, industry regulators, and higher learning institutions like:

What government officials say!
What our trained graduates say!


We use our vision to design short skill courses that help you reach new heights

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