Project Planning and Scheduling

Construction industry contributes seriously to a country’s economy as it creates employment and fetches income for people. This greatly contributes to the developmental growth of the country. Contractors have an important role to play when it comes to the successful delivery of projects. Their competence and capability is a function of performance and output in the construction industry (Odediran, et al. 2012). This project management course is designed for almost all construction project members either in office or on-site works, from site agent to the managing director because we know that having skills on the software that helps you in planning and scheduling your project performance and back it with understanding the philosophy or technical theories needed by a professional project manager is a must.

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Trainer / BIM and Cloud Based Courses
Assistant Trainer / Project managment department

Having construction project managers that are not highly skilled on the project management technologies that make their job easy, quick and errorless leads to the delays, poor executions and cost overruns we normally see in Africa’s construction market. That’s why, We, Nziza Training Academy in formulating the solution to that we introduce to you the skills development program in construction project management empowered by the use of oracle primavera in Rwanda.

This course covers every aspect of construction project implementation. If you are working in medium or large scale projects then you will get a full picture of how projects are managed confidently without stress. It will enable you to organize projects, control access to projects, organize and control resources and in effective planning, monitoring and controlling any construction project.

What you will learn:

  • Develop construction schedules with definitions of detailed activities and identify interdependencies among them
  • Enhanced communication, between executive-level staff and other workers, project managers, and planners demand large geographic areas, hundreds of workers, and other stakeholders.
  • Turning schedules into timesheets, perform other scheduling functions, and make schedule requests with remote team members.
  • Assign and manage costs and resources to activities in the schedule.
  • Ensuring all the projects will be completed, maintaining baseline adherence, the tracking of project progress and rapid generation of reports.
  • Implement schedule optimization tactics, add delays in between activities in the form of leads or lags, re-allocate resources, level, crash, and fast-track for faster completion time.
  • Performing the entry, tracking, and analysis of all project data in one location.
  • Reducing resource costs by analyzing resource trends and costs.
  • Determining if any problem exists, once you input the information.
  • Identifying and mitigating risks.

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Course price: 1,000,000 RWF