Building Designing with ArchiCAD

Using Graphisoft ArchiCAD, learn about the design of classic and contemporary buildings, and discover how building design is a creative discipline and art form, which is also a concept that focuses on components or elements of a structure. This course is designed to help construction technicians develop their skills in dedicated software packages used while delivering a related project.

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SHEMA Armand Chris
Associate Trainer / Civil and Infrastructure Department
Gregory OGAH Anthony
Trainer / Architecture Department



This course has been designed for technicians and other practitioners in construction or architecture industry with construction-related certifications. It requires you to have a complete understanding of technical drawings, as taught in traditional technical schools.

What you will learn:

  • 2D CAD using different drawing tools for creating accurate and detailed technical drawings.
  • 3D Modeling using BIM software interface specially developed for architects capable of creating various kind of building forms.
  • Preparation of all the technical drawings of floor plans, sections, facades, details, schedules and so on.
  • Design of parametric architecture using advanced morph and shell design tools.
  • Visualization and photo-rendering
  • Production of construction documents as PDF

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Course price: 800,000 RWF