Bridge Engineering

Developed exclusively to upskill professional engineers who design and build bridges. By the use of world’s most powerful tool in bridge engineering sector; MIDAS CIVIL, the participants will gain advanced level skills via our uniquely structured training authorized by MIDAS. MIDAS Civil is a Finite Element Analysis software, which is used for bridge analysis and design. It combines the powerful pre-and post-processing features with an extremely fast solver that makes bridge modeling and analysis simple, quick, and effective. In addition to that, several easy parameter modification tools available, that can be used for parametric analysis leading to optimized and economical design.




Empower yourself or team to perform better than before with a training program which crafted to upskill engineering professionals in bridge design sector on world’s leading bridge technical study tool.

Currently in Rwanda, it is quite a difficult task to find engineers who can study the hefty structures like bridges at international level. This has pushed us to initiate the working partnership with MIDAS to upskill local and regional engineers in bridge engineering to the highest level of competency in delivering the studies of bridge structures.

What you will learn:

  • Automatic bridge modeling functions such as Auto Mesh Generation and various Bridge Wizards.
  • Generation of accurate models and performing analyses of many design alternatives in a short time.
  • How to perform linear and nonlinear structural analysis and handle different types of analysis.
  • Automatic calculation of soil stiffness by entering the required data such as soil type and subgrade reaction.
  • Automatic generation of the composition of construction stages and models for MSS/FSM bridges
  • Automatic creation of load combinations in accordance with specified design standards.
  • Obtaining the results of reactions, displacements, forces and stresses graphically
  • Performing load ratings as per AASHTO LRFR 11, LRFD 05 and CS454/20
  • Design reports generation in spreadsheets for verifying with hand calculations.
  • Generation of member forces & stresses for each construction stage and max & min stress summations
  • Automatic generation of load combinations in accordance with various design codes (combination effects of seismic forces in two orthogonal directions) in excel format.
Download a course brochure to know the requirements to enroll.

Course price: 1,200,000 RWF