Architectural Design

All architectural design, modelling and rendering services

 Quantity Surveying

Project BoQ preparation and cost estimation works

 Construction Management

Project management from initiation to closing phase.

 Structural Engineering

Structural design and analysis of concrete and steel structures.

You don’t need to go over multiple companies in East Africa looking for the best to technically study your AEC project, we have them at one place.

We are highly trained on the leading technical studies technologies, that’s why we only deal with the projects budgeted 1 Million US dollar and above.


The study of Rwanda polytechnic /IPRC Gishari Master Plan.

We are originated from Nziza Training Academy, the biggest professional skills development center in the region that takes professionals from different categories of the companies and train them the advanced use of world’s leading design technologies and then hand them over to us as consulting firm. That means once you hire Nziza Study Professionals, it is hiring the bests you know in different companies in the country because most of them are found here.

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World’s most up-to-date way of presenting projects in built sector.

Nziza Study Professionals firm has established exceptional methods that utilize exclusive technology tools and systems that were developed through years of experience in the planning and design of numerous AEC project natures. These processes and technology tools support us in attaining the best imaginable outcome by dropping unanticipated costs and delays and promises highly operative and purposeful technical studies.

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Respecting all phases of expertly studied project


To be a world’s leading platform for Africa-made technical studies experts to show the world what they can achieve.

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Starting with end results in mind to customer satisfaction

Nziza study professionals’ firm delivers expert technical studies in the industry of architecture, engineering, and construction. Taking our inventive vision to life in compromising, unmodified, and wholly selfless traditions. Continuously keeping an alert eye on proficiency and an untiring commitment to beauty and superiority. Eradicating leftovers, miscommunication, disorder, and headaches for everybody involved. Furthermore, we never settle for anything less than a faultless understanding of our vision.


People first.

We support one another and treat everyone with respect, empathy, and integrity.


We design through collaboration, challenging ourselves and our clients to achieve excellence.


We rigorously pursue ideas to craft buildings that are transformative, regenerative, and beautiful.

Sustainability and equity.

We support one another and treat everyone with respect, empathy, and integrity.

We give back.

We support and strengthen the cultural and social well-being of our communities.

We are a trusted partner to your project success

Our success as a business cannot be measured exclusively by financial performance and we know that our upright for directing a business with honesty and respect is similarly critical. Since we started, modernization and uprightness have been principal to our performance. Try us!

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